I am very indebted to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, whose staff conceived the idea of a book like this and invited me to draft it and provided information and many helpful comments throughout the process. Maurizio Garzia of the Agricultural Policy Support Service launched the project and assisted it in its early stages, and Maria Grazia Quieti gave support and wise counsel that were crucial to bringing it to conclusion.

Many others in FAO contributed in their technical areas. The following FAO staff deserve special mention for the comments and guidance they provided for the development of the book:

Isabel Alvarez-Fernandez, Chief, Research and

Technology Development Service Lorenzo Bellu, Agricultural Policy Support

Officer, Agricultural Policy Support Service Jelle Bruinsma, Chief, Global Perspective Studies Unit

Maximiliano Cox, Director, Rural Development Division

Sissel Ekaas, Director, Gender and Population Division

Adriana Herrera, Agrarian Analysis Officer,

Land Tenure Service Materne Maetz, Senior Agricultural Policy Support Officer, Agricultural Policy Support Service

David Palmer, Land Registration and Cadastre

Officer, Land Tenure Service Fernando Pizarro, Land and Water Development Senior Engineer, Investment Centre

Kalim Qamar, Senior Officer for Agricultural Training and Extension, Extension, Education and Communication Service Ramesh Sharma, Senior Economist, Commodity

Policy and Projections Service Anthon Slangen, Senior Officer, Agricultural Management, Marketing and Finance Service Aysen Tanyeri-Abur, Economist, Agriculture and

Economic Development Division Marcela Villarreal, Chief, Population and

Development Service Esther Zulberti, Chief, Extension, Education and Communication Service

I also wish to thank the referees who reviewed the manuscript for the publisher and provided valuable suggestions for improving it.

Many other persons have contributed to the making of this book. In good measure it is the result of a very large number of illuminating conversations and collaborative processes over the years, in all regions of the world. I am very grateful to the numerous colleagues in developing and transitional countries who shared their concerns openly on many occasions and contributed unstintingly of their time and insights but are far too numerous to list individually. I have learned a great deal from all of them and hope this volume can repay a small part of their generosity.

This book is dedicated to my wife Fabiola, without whose sustained support and encouragement it could not have come to fruition.

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