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Status : experimental Type : chamber dryer

Opera-ting mode : hybrid Air circulation electric fan-forced ventilation

This solar lumber dryer is supplemented with an automatic steam heating system for allowing reasonable drying times of the lumber in the particular climatic conditions of japan.

Figure 1. Two Photos of Wood Pre-Drying Unit. Photo at Left Shows Supplementary Steam Heater.


The drying chamber consists of an angle iron frame covered with vinyl sheets. A carrier was used to load and unload the timber. The drying was supplemented with a steam heating system to be used during the night and rainy days. A 4-propeller fan, powered by a 0,75 Kw electric motor, was used for the air circulation system.

Dimensions; The dryer is 3 m high, 2 m long and 2 m wide.

Fan diameter: 61 cm. See Figure 2 and 3.

Materials of Construction: Drying Chamber:

Transparent cover: corrugated waved PVC panels Frames : iron, angle and channels insulation: none

Location: Government Forest Experiment Station Tokyo, japan

Latitude: SS^'N Longitude: 139042 'E

Climatológica1 Data :

Average Monthly Temperature

Average Monthly Relative Humidity

Monthly Sunshine

Monthly Rainfall

Weather (14:00 hr)

fair cloudy others


15 days 13 3



14 days 12 5

Year 15,00c 69% 1640 hr.

125 mm

Period 1941-1970 ditto ditto ditto

0 0

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