m of collector

m3 of product

m2 of collector

m3 of product

Mobile cart fan discharge diffuser duct

Mobile drying cart

Storage bin diffuser duct

Storage bin dryer

Storage bin air exhauster

Storage bin fan

Field Collector Fan

Electrical installation

TOTAL Material Costs:

Fabrication Labour Costs:

46,60 215,00 40,80 90,80 20,30 295,00 146,00 116,00 970/50 590#00

TOTAL Fixed Charges $1560/50 U.S

Variable Charges (for the production of heat)

Field solar air heater Storage bin solar air heater Connection ducts to fan

Fabrication labour costs :

TOTAL Material Costs: TOTAL Variable Charges $884,20

414/00 145,00 31,20 590,20 294^00

TOTAL System Installed Cost:

$2343,70 2444/70

Annual Operating Expenditure:

It is estimated to be approximately $2,300 U.S. per year including depreciation on fixed and variable charges, electricity costs, maintenance and labour charges (50%).

Cost of Drying Related to a Unit of Material Dried:

The maximum dehydration cost is of $2.60 U.S. per 100 Kgs.

Estimated Life of the Dryer : 10 years

Comments on the Dryer:

. The dryer was partly used by the local coconut products factory for the dehydration of copra. . The dryer should be run on an annual basis to lower operating costs. The drying rate in the mobile cart could be improved by some form of air recirculation. The velocity of the drying air over the product could then be increased, contributing to faster drying.

Principal Investigator(s); Lawand, T.A.

Brace Research Institute Macdonald College of McGill University Ste. Anne de Bellevue Qu├ębec, Canada HQA ICO

Note: The solar field collector was dismantled (1970) but the bin storage heat collector-was still in operation several years later. The materials used for the flexible solar air heater collector in the field did not withstand the intense solar radiation levels of the tropics. This was later replaced by a glass covered collector which lasted several years.

Mobile Drying Cart Field Solar Air Heater Collector Diffuser

Support Posts Duct

Mobile Drying Cart Field Solar Air Heater Collector Diffuser

Support Posts Duct

Figure 2. Overall Plan View of Drying System

Figure 3. Section View of Storage Bin Dryer and Air Heater Collector
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