* It was found that the cotton tulle was not suitable for tray netting because during the initial hours of dehydration of both mulberries and peaches, the juice was accumulated on the central part of the netting, hindering the passage of air. The juice then dripped onto the lowest shelves and glued the products to the cotton tulle. Therefore, the last two products tested were laid on parallel beachwood strips, 1 can x 1 cm set 1 cm apart.

Operating conditions:

The sun drying control shelf gave,in each run,a very low quality final product due to the interference of birds, insects and mold growth. The drying times in the laboratory dryer were always shorter than those, recorded in the orchard dryer, due principally to & more uniform heat flow.

It was noted that in the orchard dryer, the shelves on the eastern end dried more slowly than those on the western end of the dehydrator.

Econorsic Details;

Cost of Materials: Solar Collector:

Steel chips PVC cover

Drying chamber:

wood insulation PVC

miscellaneous total labour

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