Economic Details;

Cost of materials; 2 000 U.S. dollars

Labour cost: 2 000 P.S. dollars

4 000 U.S. dollars Annual Operating Expenditure:

Mo determination was made, only experimental work. Estimated Life of the Dryer; 15 years minimum Conanents on the Dryer;

No technical problems. More economic than conventional kilns.

Principal Investigator(s); Maldonado, Eldwin D.

Chudnoff, Martin

Institute of Tropical Forestry P.O. Box AQ

Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 00928 U.S.A.


(1) Maldonado, E.D., Peck, E.C., Drying Lumber by Solar Radiation in Puerto

Rico, Forest Products Journal, October 1962, pp. 487-488

(2) Peck, E.C., Drying Lumber by Solar Energy, Sun at Work, Third Quarter

1962, 2 pages

Figure 2, View of Dryer CS/EC-U-6
Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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