$6,70 U.S. for the scaled-up model

Cost of Drying Related to a Unit of Material Dried:

$0,02 U.S./Kg for peaches 0,03 U.S./Kg for grapes 0,09 U.S./Kg for dried peppers

Estimated Life of the Dryer; Approximately 10 years

Comments on the Dryer:

(1) To overcome the problem of slower drying time on the eastern end of the dryer and to uniformize the drying process, it was decided to rotate the dryer by 90° towards the west. This led to the improved orchard dehydrator of Figure 2. The authors reported that the performance was increased in most of the shelves by 25%, while the drying rates of the slower drying shelves in the orchard dryer were not affected. Also, it was observed that there was a slight improvement in the uniformity of drying in the individual shelves.

(2) Materials of construction are readily available.

(3) Construction is quite simple.

Principal Investigator(s); Akyurt, M., Ozdaglar, I.

References ;

(1) Akyurt, m. , Ozdaglar, I., Selçuk, m.k., A Solar Dehydrator for Orchards,

Coopération Méditeranéenne pour l'énergie solaire (COMPLES) Bulletin, April 1973, pp. 47-50, 5 references

(2) Selçuk, M.K., Ersay, O., Akyurt, M., Development, Theoretical Analysis and

Performance Evaluation of Shelf Type Solar Dryers, Solar Energy No. 2, October 1974, pp. 81-88

Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department Ankara, Turkey ai ai c n en \

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