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Electric motors have several advantages that have made them more popular than other sources of power:

1. Initial cost: On a per-horsepower basis, the purchase price of an electric motor is relatively low.

2. Design: Electric motors have very few parts and are very easy to operate. In addition, because they are started and stopped with switches, their operation is easily automated.

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3. Operating costs: The operating costs of electric motors are low. They have very low maintenance costs, and the cost of electricity allows them to be operated for a few cents per horsepower hour.

4. Environmental impact: An electric motor gives off no exhaust fumes and does not use a flammable fuel; and although it is true that the generation of electricity may affect the environment, it is easier to monitor and control this effect if it is concentrated at one location.

5. Noise: Electric motors operate quietly with very little vibration.

6. Efficiency: An electric motor is the most efficient way to produce power, operating with an efficiency range of 70-90%.

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