Determining Correction Factor

During the measurement of a known 50.0-ft distance with an odometer wheel measurements of 49.9, 49.8, and 49.7 ft were recorded. What is the correction factor?

Solution: The first step is to determine the average distance.

Cf /ft\ Known distance - Measurement ft / Known distance

50 ft ft of distance

This instrument will have 0.004 ft of error for every foot of distance it measures. Once the correction factor is determined it can be used to adjust each of the measurements for the error in the equipment.

Problem: Determine the corrected distance for a measured distance of 150.5 ft when the instrument has an error of 0.004 ft/ft.


Dc = 150.5 ft + i 150.5 ft x 0.004 -= 150.5 ft + 0.602 = 151.102 = 151.1 ft The corrected distance is 151.1 ft.

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