Intuitive Reasoning

Intuitive reasoning is a process by which an individual arrives at a correct answer through insight or a hunch, usually without being able to explain the process used. The actual process depends on the individual and cannot be defined in progressive steps.

Problem: You ask your employees to determine how many vehicles in the parking lot need their seat covers replaced. They return with an answer of 150. Then you realize you need to know how many single seat pickups and how many cars with two seats. Your employees remember that there were the same number of cars in the lot needing seat covers as pickups; so how many car and how many pickup seat covers do you need?

Solution: Some people would solve this problem algebraically, but intuitive reasoning can be used to reason out a series of approximations. If there were 20 cars and 20 pickups, you would need 60 seat covers [(20 x 1) + (20 x 2) = 60], if 40 cars and 40 trucks, 120 seat covers, if 60 of each then 180 seat covers. The answer must be less than 60 and more than 40. The correct number of vehicles is 50. Which means you would need 50 pickup seat covers and 100 car seat covers.

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