Rectangle Square and Parallelogram

These shapes are considered together because their areas are calculated by the same equation.

Remember that the height (h) for a parallelogram is perpendicular to the base (b), see Figure 13.12. The equation for area is:

A = b x h where A = Area; b = Length of base; h = Height perpendicular to base.

Rectangle h h

FIGURE 13.12. Base and height for rectangles, squares and parallelograms.

Problem: What is the area (ft2) of a rectangle measuring 1320.0 ft by 660.0 ft?


Problem: What is the area (ac) of a parallelogram where the base measures 1,050.0 ft, and the height measures 750.0 ft?

Solution: The area equation can be used and then the square feet converted to acres, but the acres conversion can be added to the area equation:

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