FIGURE 26.6. Voltmeters in series circuit.

To calculate total current flow the total resistance must be known.

E 120 V

The next step is to determine the voltage drop across the resistor: E = IR = 12 amp x 3.2 ft = 38.4 or 38 V

When 12 amps flow through a resistance of 3.2 ft with a source of 120 V, there is a voltage drop of 38 V. Voltmeter 2 will have a reading of 38 V. Voltmeters in Parallel Circuits

In a parallel circuit, voltmeters connected across the resistors are, in essence, connected across the source voltage. Therefore, assuming that there is no voltage drop from the resistance of the wire, both voltmeters in Figure 26.7 will have the same reading as the source voltage.

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