Time Utilization

Any time that a machine is not performing its designed task, when it could be, means lost productivity. Several practices can be used to reduce lost time. First, adjusting and lubricating of the machine should be kept to a minimum consistent with the need for service. Even better, you should do as much of the maintenance as possible when conditions prevent the machine from being in the field.

Second, breakdowns can be minimized by avoiding overloads and by a complete preventive maintenance program. Any machine is more likely to break down or to need additional maintenance if it is overloaded or misused.

Third, a proper field layout will keep turning at the end of the row or round to a minimum. There is an optimum pattern for every field shape and size of machine. Machinery management texts provide more information on this topic.

Another idea is to reduce the time required to refill seed, fertilizer, and chemicals by using the largest practical size of hopper or tank. In addition, the equipment used to load the tank or the hopper should have the capacity to fill it in a reasonable time.

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