Editorial Board

Fred W. Bakker-Arkema, Editor of Vol. IV Department of Agricultural Engineering Michigan State University Michigan, USA

El Houssine Bartali, Editor of Vol. II (Part 1) Department of Agricultural Engineering Institute of Agronomy Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco

Egil Berge

Department of Agricultural Engineering University of Norway, Norway

Jan Daelemans

National Institute of Agricultural Engineering Merelbeke, Belgium

Tetuo Hara

Department Engenharia Agricola Universidade Federal de Vicosa 36570-000 Vicosa, MG, Brazil

Donna M. Hull

American Society of Agricultural Engineers Michigan 49085-9659, USA

A. A. Jongebreur IMAG-DLO

Wageningen, The Netherlands

Osamu Kitani, Editor-in-Chief and Editor of Vol. V Department of Bioenvironmental and Agricultural Engineering Nihon University Kameino 1866 Fujisawa, 252-8510 Japan

Hubert N. van Lier, Editor of Vol. I

Chairgroup Land Use Planning

Laboratory for Special Analysis, Planning and Design

Department of Environmental Sciences

Agricultural University

Wageningen, The Netherlands x

Editorial Board

Asian Development Bank

0980 Manila, Philippines

W. Schmid


Zurich, Switzerland

The late Richard A. Spray

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina 29634-0357, USA

Bill A. Stout, Editor of Vol. III Department of Agricultural Engineering Texas A & M University Texas, USA

Fred W. Wheaton, Editor of Vol. II (Part 2) Agricultural Engineering Department University of Maryland Maryland, USA

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