Soil Regeneration Soil Compaction

Regeneration from compaction due to machinery use in agricultural exploitation of the land may be achieved in four primary ways:

1. by reducing the number of passes of conventional machines,

2. by reducing the vehicle mass and/or the contact pressure of the wheel system,

3. by confining the traffic to permanent or temporary wheel tracks (controlled traffic),

4. by modifying the cultivation system, so as to reduce the overall use of machinery. A diagrammatic representation of the main options in relation to the type of vehicles is shown in Fig. 4.12 [21].

Traffic reduction also may be achieved by combining several operations in one pass, such as cultivation and spraying, or certain types of harvesting operations using combines and common-sense attitudes in machinery management.

Finally, the introduction of a consistent reduction of wheel contact pressure or the adoption of a controlled traffic system may require the use of special vehicles or wheel systems, which are still under development.

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