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Diversifying Cropping Systems

Helps farmers design rotations, choose new crops, and manage them successfully. 20 pp.

Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture

Defines sustainable agriculture by providing snapshots of different producers who apply sustainable principles on their farms and ranches. 16 pp.

How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch

Outlines how to conduct research at the farm level, offering practical tips for crop and livestock producers. 12 pp.

Marketing Strategies for Farmers & Ranchers

Offers creative alternatives to marketing farm products, such as farmers markets, direct sales, on-line sales and cooperatives. 20 pp.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Limited Resource Producers

A guide for agricultural educators who want to better connect with and improve the lives of farmers and ranchers who often are hard to reach. 16 pp.

Profitable Pork, Strategies for Hog Producers

(También disponible en español. Please specify English or en español when ordering.)

Alternative production and marketing strategies for hog producers, including pasture and dry litter systems, hoop structures, animal health and soil improvement. 16 pp.

Profitable Poultry, Raising Birds on Pasture

Farmer experiences plus the latest marketing ideas and research on raising chickens and turkeys sustainably, using pens, move-able fencing and pastures. 16 pp.

SARE Highlights

(Highlights available for 2003, 2004 and 2005. Please specify year.)

Features SARE projects about farming systems that boost profits while benefiting the environment and communities. 16 pp.

Transitioning to Organic Agriculture

Lays out promising transition strategies, typical organic farming practices, and innovative marketing ideas. 20 pp.

A Whole Farm Approach to Managing Pests

Lays out ecological principles for managing pests in real farm situations. 20 pp.

All bulletins can be viewed in their entirety at To place an order, please contact [email protected] or 301/504-5236. Standard shipping for bulletins is free. Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery. Rush orders that must be received within 3 weeks will be charged shipping fees at cost.

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