Color Composites

While displaying the different bands of a multispectral data set, images obtained in different bands are displayed in image planes (other than their own) the color composite is regarded as False Color Composite (FCC). High spectral resolution is important when producing color components. For a true color composite an image data used in red, green and blue spectral region must be assigned bits of red, green and blue image processor frame buffer memory. A color infrared composite 'standard false color composite' is displayed by placing the infrared, red, green in the red, green and blue frame buffer memory (Fig. 2). In this healthy vegetation shows up in shades of red because vegetation absorbs most of green and red energy but reflects approximately half of incident Infrared energy. Urban areas reflect equal portions of NIR, R & G, and therefore they appear as steel grey.

Screen Colour Gun Assignment

Figure 2: False Color Composite (FCC) of IRS : LISS II Poanta area
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