Increasing population pressure with multiplied demand for the domestic needs have carved out separate fracture in the biosphere by modifying the forest ecosystems. In the process we have been loosing green cover at faster rate than expected. Sustainable management of forest resources has become key agenda of the century. The assessment of the forest fire and degradation is one of the important factors to be considered for better management of the forest resources. However, the lack of reparative analysis with synoptic coverage has been one of the limitations in the conventional assessment techniques which can be potentially over come by using geospatial approach. Hence, satellite remote sensing has provided holistic view to the planet Earth. The satellite remote sensing has enabled to map and monitor vegetation resources in varying scale and time. The geographic information system enables to organize the data sets for analysis and decision making process. India has made significant efforts to build state of art satellite systems and develop applications to manage the natural resources. Forest cover mapping using space technology is already an operational tool. Under a national scientific initiative India has developed comprehensive data base on vegetation types, disturbance regimes, fragmentation and biological richness at landscape level in the important eco-regions. Satellite images have a considerable value for mapping forest fire and degradation assessment. It helps in decision making processes for the proper establishment of the green cover over the affected areas.

Extensive areas are burnt and deforested every year, leading to widespread environmental and economic damage. The impact of this damage involves not only the amount of timber burnt but also environmental damage to forested landscapes leading, in some cases, to land and forest degradation and the prevention of vegetation recovery. However, further more improvement required to enhance the process of better assessment, monitoring and management of the forest resources of the planet earth.

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