Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agricultural 1

Meteorology and WMO Satellite Activities

- M.V.K. Sivakumar and Donald E. Hinsman

Principles of Remote Sensing 23

Shefali Aggarwal

Earth Resource Satellites 39

- Shefali Aggarwal

Meteorological Satellites 67

Digital Image Processing 81

- Minakshi Kumar

Fundamentals of Geographical Information System 103

Fundamentals of GPS 121

Spatial Data Analysis 151

Retrieval of Agrometeorological Parameters using Satellite 175

Remote Sensing data

Retrieval of Agrometeorological Parameters from Satellites 195

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Agro-ecological 213


Crop Growth Modeling and its Applications in Agricultural Meteorology - V. Radha Krishna Murthy

Crop Growth and Productivity Monitoring and Simulation 263

using Remote Sensing and GIS

Droughts & Floods Assessment and Monitoring using 291

Remote Sensing and GIS

- A.T Jeyaseelan

Water and Wind induced Soil Erosion Assessment and 315

Monitoring using Remote Sensing and GIS

Satellite-based Weather Forecasting 331

Satellite-based Agro-advisory Service 347

Forest Fire and Degradation Assessment using Satellite Remote 361

Sensing and Geographic Information System

Desert Locust Monitoring System-Remote Sensing and GIS 401

based approach

- D. Dutta, S. Bhatawdekar, B. Chandrasekharan, J.R. Sharma, S. Adiga, Duncan Wood and Adrian McCardle

Workshop Evaluation - M.V.K. Sivakumar

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