Dutta S Bhatawdekar B Chandrasekharan JR Sharma S Adiga Duncan Wood and Adrian McCardle

Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, CAZRI Campus, Jodhpur, Rajasthan * NNRMS/RRSSC, ISRO Headquarters, Bangalore ** RADARSAT International, Richmond BC, Vancouver, Canada

Abstract : Desert locusts (DL) are a serious problem during April to August in the deserts and semi-deserts of Republic of Kazakhstan and causing extensive crop damage. There is no institutional and functional mechanism to forecast the habitat of locusts and most of the area remains unnoticed after laying eggs. The key to improve DL forecasting and control depends on the collection and generation of historical database on locust, weather and habitat from affected region. Looking at the problem a Decision Support System (DSS) has been developed on ARC/INFO GIS with ergonomic user interface for ingestion and subsequent analysis of locust related information vis-à-vis bio-physical and climatic data acquired from various satellite sensors and hydromet weather server respectively to identify high frequency breeding areas well before the physiological development is completed. Weather based analytical models for physiological development of DL has been dovetailed with the DSS for facilitating historic and present data analysis in relation to locust activity. This will enhance the surveying capability and better forecasting.

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