Database Integration Module

This module performs the pre-processing and integration of each validated database element (spatial layers) and prepares them for further analysis. Database integration can be performed either for all the themes or for selected themes (Figure 5a and 5b). The spatial database elements, which have an entry in the spatial dictionary and have been validated successfully, will only be considered for database integration. Integration is performed in either of the following cases.

Figure 5a: Database integration

Figure 5b: Database integration i. Whenever the database is being integrated for the first time.

ii. After updating any spatial layer, either spatial features or its feature attribute table or associated .LUT files.

iii. Whenever a new layer is added to the database.

Major tasks performed during database integration include -

i. Generation of intermediate GRID's for using by the Geo-LIMIS query shell for virtual masking.

ii. Creation of projection files (.PRJ) required for projection transformation from one system to another.

iii. Generation of Theissen polygon layer from point meteorological station data. As a result the entire area is spatially divided into number of polygons each represented by a meteorological station.

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