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Due m ihr nvn:rnbiry of nn1 totals -such es rte Geographic lntorni?1ion Sj^r-ns -:GIS;-irian age mend lar-je jata&eta aiich as traditional flgtal maps. databases, aid models. is no* possible The qu^nttotive h^ndlirg rjpebity ciffeied by G13. enable, live. Da ovenay numerous dMl sett Md statistically analyze UWSfl dole and develop qusrvli^liw! relalinnships nut acdieViWe usinj simp!» nnafl drying pr graphic? display prbgiartirtWS

The Ccmm-ssion Per pgncultural to el ecology (CAgMi gF WMO iccrajiLtefl s potential at ■virnnii: senacig iipplkiiirkjfis in ay cuIljiu! meteorology ear in the Tte and at its siidCti miim in Washington ><i 137-4 the Comrnisson agreed tfrat rts «rtiyitfes i^ukl inctide itudies gn iht¿ppkatfiri c.f ngmrnc sensing to a jnmeleornbgital (trublems. 11 appoinled a rapporteur to study the eMSling slate -D+ the knowledge oi rewrote wn?ing tajhniq .ies and tp review ill apfAestion I'J . iijrurchioi ::'[igK:;il research and1 service*. Tin: CilirinfiiSSiOn has Mrtllrwed to pay much attent-on 10 both nermolH sewing and GlS applcadons in agromeleorotjgy i™ its subscquenT seasons iiicud iy lric 13* snssinn hr <1 in ljuh|nr:i Sa^cnui n 20Cf2

fi-.U'tr. prqmntign gf lh^ i.-sr gf tenrnle sensing and GIS in Ihe Nul.ui jl Metiorcto^cal and Hydralojjical Servcea (NMHS&i oould enhance- mpncnied aaronwrtdraoges appKstions Tp thiund it is inp-rt.nnl In rrirlri-cr Irriin-n- in Itirsr npi,1 FkIcIi The Trsning Wurkshgp ui- Edlrill-le Hemble

Sensing and GI3 ipplfcauons In AgncMural ^as organized i reiponse to me iewrnrpflndetioris gf th« CAaM sessen in Liub^an?. gtjweniai .n 2 WTth lhe- objeclivB uf enabling live part^ipdnld Hu ri the Asian oqmiMm in Isjinny new and updatng the<r current sKMs in talelitfl lerpoie sensing and GlS gpi'lMrt'CS in ignwiltursl mglnnrnlcgy I am plened 1ha[ a number -t □rgjrtizilinrH ndudhg WHO the India tArtedrukijjifial Dtpartmeflt (IHD1, the Centre tor Space Sceroe and Techrolegif Educaton in Asie and the Pacihc (CSSTEAPf die irtdian Institifto tf fiernnin

Sensing IllftSj. Ihr Naligiul Remcte- Sensing Agency ; 4 fi SAJ jit J the SptiLri AppkjL tji is Centra jSAC-1 l-avecome to^ether to organize the Tcalwig WoiSfshop at llflS.

The warKs-hep dealt wth a nL Tiber of useful sjbjstls intAidung introduction to vanwii wpwis of ^atrllilQ and nrmnlv sensing, r T.ngr procesing. lundameituis gi GlS and GeotUSiliCiniig Syaleing iGPS; ^djuI idr.a analysis, and practioa- deinonstrabon of tils netware, theoretcai and pr^rncal ¿Tietrie"?! of ^gnomelporglrgiwl parameters using saMlile rental» sensing daia crop grbwlh and productivity ntcmlur-ig and s.-rT jlaiion as w^ll as assesiTienl: and- mcnitomg bf dreuahte. -ftwdt water and wind induced soil erosion, wtflllhe apptcetwn; in wpatticr fnrecasbng. agn>adviaory services, deserl l^u^t monitor and iorest Are ard degradation ai-»&sment I hose ttiat the proceedings this (raining workshop Win SSIV^ as a nF inlgmnilipn [o all irisHLrticniii and agencies, thri are in^ved in applying syiunietajiiluojial riaibLiS « support ol agncuVi^al produotcn end food secunty

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