Format For The Training Workshop

The training workshop was designed for agrometeorologists from Asia with little or no background in satellite remote sensing and GIS applications in agricultural meteorology.

The workshop started with a thorough introduction to various aspects of satellite and remote sensing along with practical exercises on the digital analysis of satellite data. This was followed by lectures on digital image processing,

Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agricultural Meteorology pp. 425-427

fundamentals of GIS and Geopositioning Systems (GPS) and spatial data analysis and practical demonstration of GIS software.

The participants were then introduced to both theoretical and practical aspects of retrieval of agrometeorological parameters using satellite remote sensing data. This was followed by a lecture on remote sensing and GIS application in agro-ecological zoning.

Remote sensing and GIS are very useful tools in crop growth and productivity monitoring and simulation as well as assessment and monitoring of droughts, floods, water and wind induced soil erosion. Lectures were given on all these aspects followed by practical demonstrations.

Participants were then introduced to satellite applications in weather forecasting, agro-advisory services, desert locust monitoring, forest fire and degradation assessment.

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