Reliable weather prediction holds the key for socio economic development and is essential for food security of the human society. Since time immemorial, human race has been fascinated by the ever changing and highly dynamic atmosphere around him and has made concerted efforts to understand the controlling processes and achieve better capabilities of weather forecasting. The recent attempts for satellite based observations, made over the past two decades, have provided new insights in these processes. Synoptic coverage provided by satellites is ideally suited to study weather related atmospheric processes on different scales. The recent advances in satellite technology in terms of high resolution, multi-spectral bands covering visible, infrared and microwave regions have made space data an inevitable component in weather monitoring and dynamic modeling. The impact of satellite data is phenomenal in certain areas of meteorological applications such as short-range forecasts, Tropical Cyclone (TC) monitoring, aviation forecasts etc. With improving trend in accuracy of satellite retrievals, improvements could be carried out in models leading to improved forecasts, especially in the tropics.

Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agricultural Meteorology pp. 331-346

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