Membership of CGMS

The table of members shows the lead agency in each case. Delegates are often supported by other agencies, for example, ESA (with EUMETSAT), NASDA (with Japan) and NASA (with NOAA).

The current Membership of CGMS is:


joined 1987

currently CGMS Secretariat joined 1979

founder member, 1972

joined 1989

founder member, 1972

India Meteorological Department Japan Meteorological Agency China Meteorological Administration


Hydromet Service of the Russian Federation joined 1973


joined 1973 joined 2000 joined 2002 joined 2002 joined 2002 joined 2002




WMO, in its endeavours to promote the development of a global meteorological observing system, participated in the activities of CGMS from its first meeting. There are several areas where joint consultations between the satellite operators and WMO are needed. The provision of data to meteorological centres in different parts of the globe is achieved by means of the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) in near-real-time. This automatically involves assistance by WMO in developing appropriate code forms and provision of a certain amount of administrative communications between the satellite operators.

WMO's role within CGMS would be to state the observational and system requirements for WMO and supported programmes as they relate to the expanded space-based components of the GOS, GAW, GCOS and WHYCOS. CGMS satellite operators would make their voluntary commitments to meet the stated observational and system requirements. WMO would, through its Members, strive to provide CGMS satellite operators with operational and pre-operational evaluations of the benefit and impacts of their satellite systems. WMO would also act as a catalyst to foster direct user interactions with the CGMS satellite operators through available means such as conferences, symposia and workshops.

The active involvement of WMO has allowed the development and implementation of the operational ASDAR system as a continuing part of the Global Observing System. Furthermore, the implementation of the IDCS system was promoted by WMO and acted jointly with the satellite operators as the admitting authority in the registration procedure for IDCPs.

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