Minakshi Kumar

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Division Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehra Dun

Abstract : This paper describes the basic technological aspects of Digital Image Processing with special reference to satellite image processing. Basically, all satellite image-processing operations can be grouped into three categories: Image Rectification and Restoration, Enhancement and Information Extraction. The former deals with initial processing of raw image data to correct for geometric distortion, to calibrate the data radiometrically and to eliminate noise present in the data. The enhancement procedures are applied to image data in order to effectively display the data for subsequent visual interpretation. It involves techniques for increasing the visual distinction between features in a scene. The objective of the information extraction operations is to replace visual analysis of the image data with quantitative techniques for automating the identification of features in a scene. This involves the analysis of multispectral image data and the application of statistically based decision rules for determining the land cover identity of each pixel in an image. The intent of classification process is to categorize all pixels in a digital image into one of several land cover classes or themes. This classified data may be used to produce thematic maps of the land cover present in an image.

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