Modern Remote Sensing Technology versus Conventional Aerial Photography

The use of different and extended portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, development in sensor technology, different platforms for remote sensing (spacecraft, in addition to aircraft), emphasize on the use of spectral information as compared to spatial information, advancement in image processing and enhancement techniques, and automated image analysis in addition to manual interpretation are points for comparison of conventional aerial photography with modern remote sensing system.

During early half of twentieth century, aerial photos were used in military surveys and topographical mapping. Main advantage of aerial photos has been the high spatial resolution with fine details and therefore they are still used for mapping at large scale such as in route surveys, town planning, construction project surveying, cadastral mapping etc. Modern remote sensing system provide satellite images suitable for medium scale mapping used in natural resources surveys and monitoring such as forestry, geology, watershed management etc. However the future generation satellites are going to provide much high-resolution images for more versatile applications.

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