National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System NADAMS

Since 1989, National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System (NADAMS) in India has been providing biweekly drought bulletins through the kharif season (June to December) for 246 districts in most of the peninsular and northern India. The bulletins, which describe prevalence, relative severity level, and persistence of drought through the season at the district level, are being sent to the concerned state and central administrators as well as to district-level officers. The drought assessment is based on a comparative evaluation of satellite observed green vegetation cover (both area and greenness) of a district in any specific time period to cover in similar periods in the previous year. The trend of seasonal vegetation development until the reporting period is also compared with trends of previous years. The drought interpretation takes into account rainfall and aridity anomaly trends. This nationwide early warning services has been found to be useful for providing early assessment of drought conditions.

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