Real time Forestry Information from Satellite data

The use of satellite remote sensing data has been found to be a reliable and useful tool for gathering forest information. Gathering of real time forestry information enables us to compile gross forest vegetation resources data in a single format and monitor the changes in the areal coverage of the forest.

Since remote sensing satellites re-observe the same areas at periodic intervals, we have the added advantage of monitoring changes that occur in the area of coverage, to plan for remedial measures for any adverse happening, much sooner than what we were able to do in the past, when the facility of remote sensing from space altitudes was not available. It is in this context that we could view forest cover or vegetation cover of a large area, and the changes that occur to it, as the forest is a renewable natural resource which is very vital for human survival. The type of exercise also gives us the approximate rate at which the forest cover is changing and focusses attention on what should be done to ensure sustainability.

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