Resourcesa T1

Launched on 17th October, 2003, it is designed mainly for resources applications and having 3-band multi-spectral LISS-4 camera with a spatial resolution 5.8m and a swath of around 24 km with across - track steerability for selected area monitoring. An improved version of LISS-III, with 4 bands (green, red, near—IR and SWIR), all at 23.5 meters resolution and 140 km swath will also provide the much essential continuity to LISS-III. These payloads will provide enhanced data for vegetation applications and will allow multiple crop discrimination; species level discrimination and so on. Together with an advanced wide-field sensor, WiFS with ~ 60 m resolution and ~ 740 km swath, the payloads will aid greatly for crop and vegetation applications and integrated land and water applications. The data will also be useful for high accuracy resources management applications, where the emphasis is on multi crop mapping studies, vegetation species identification and utilities mapping.

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