Rn 1A Rs EaRl Es a Ts4

Figure 5: (1) FCC ( Ch2, Ch1, Ch1, R,G,B) ; (2) Vegetation proportion image; (3) Surface emissivity image and (4) Surface Temperature image - derived from processings of NOAA - AVHHR data ( southern India)

where, A is surface albedo; Rs is the incident short wave radiation (w/m2); Ea is the atmospheric emissivity; Rl is the incoming long wave radiation (w/m2); Es is the surface emissivity; a is the Stefan - Boltzman constant and Ts is the surface temperature (oK).

Atmospheric emissivity (Ea) and incoming long wave radiation (Rl) can be computed using following expressions given by Brutsaert (1975) :

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