Spectral Signature

Spectral reflectance, [p(A,)], is the ratio of reflected energy to incident energy as a function of wavelength. Various materials of the earth's surface have different spectral reflectance characteristics. Spectral reflectance is responsible for the color or tone in a photographic image of an object. Trees appear green because they reflect more of the green wavelength. The values of the spectral reflectance of objects averaged over different, well-defined wavelength intervals comprise the spectral signature of the objects or features by which they can be distinguished. To obtain the necessary ground truth for the interpretation of multispectral imagery, the spectral characteristics of various natural objects have been extensively measured and recorded.

The spectral reflectance is dependent on wavelength, it has different values at different wavelengths for a given terrain feature. The reflectance characteristics of the earth's surface features are expressed by spectral reflectance, which is given by:

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