Weather Data For Modeling

The national meteorological organizations provide weather data for crop modeling purposes through observatories across the globe (Sivakumar et al., 2000). In many European countries weather records are available for over 50 years. In crop modeling the use of meteorological data has assumed a paramount importance. There is a need for high precision and accuracy of the data. The data obtained from surface observatories has proved to be excellent. It gained the confidence of the people across the globe for decades. These data are being used daily by people from all walks of life. But, the automated stations are yet to gain popularity in the under developed and developing countries. There is a huge gap between the old time surface observatories and present generation of automated stations with reference to measurement of rainfall. The principles involved in the construction and working of different sensors for measuring rainfall are not commonly followed in automated stations across the globe. As of now, solar radiation, temperature and precipitation are used as inputs in DSSAT.

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