What is GeoLIMIS

Geo-LIMIS (Geographically Encoded Locust Impact Minimization Information System) is a Decision Support System (DSS) developed on ARC/ INFO 8.0 NT platform using ARC macro language, ODE tools and Visual Basic. The aim is to provide operational decision support for locust habitat suitability, surveillance, prioritization of critical areas and weather conditions on spatial context to enable timely control measures at the field level over the target areas. There is an unique amalgamation of data from various sources such as remote sensing data from optical and microwave satellites along with daily meteorological data downloaded from internet and ground based information on locust generated by the line departments. The thematic maps used in habitat suitability mapping include landuse/landcover, vegetation density, landform, soil texture and soil moisture supplemented with a large number of reference maps viz. road, rail, stream, administrative units, settlement location, meteorological stations etc. The conceptual diagram of working of Geo-LIMIS is given in Figure 1 and the main menu in Figure 2.

Functionally Geo-LIMIS comprises of six modules viz. i) Spatial database dictionary, ii) database validation as per the database standard formulated for the project, iii) database integration with the query shell using validated database, iv) Inputting locust information from field observation to create spatial database along with the descriptive data i.e. the swarm type, species, density of egg/ hopper/adult as per field survey and other ancillary information on ground condition, v) Geo-LIMIS query shell - It is the main habitat suitability analysis module. Query shell provides facilities for display of single or multiple themes, locust ground observations, theme overlay, generation of integrated layer for habitat suitability, in situ report generation from locust sighting regarding the prevailing ground condition during locust observation which finally is used as knowledge based input for generating habitat suitability map for the entire area from known sample area known as cohort distribution, vi) Life cycle builder - It necessarily uses daily weather data and analyzes the locust breeding suitability under prevailing weather condition, egg and hopper development and flight suitability.

Figure 2: Geo-LIMIS main menu
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