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Where, a is an empirical co-efficient; Qe is the run-off amount and qp is the peak run-off rate obtained during the erosion event and K.L.S.Ce & Pe are as defined for USLE.

Morgan, Morgan and Finney (MMF) Model

Morgan et al. (1984) developed a model to predict annual soil loss which endeavors to retain the simplicity of USLE and encompasses some of the recent advances in understanding of erosion process into a water phase and sediment phase. Sediment phase considers soil erosion to result from the detachment of soil particles by overland flow. Thus, the sediment phase comprises two predictive equations, one for rate of splash detachment and one for the transport capacity of overland flow. The model uses six operating equations for which 15 input parameters are required (Table 4). The model compares predictions of detachment by rain splash and the transport capacity of the run-off and assesses the lower of the two values as the annual rate of soil loss, thereby denoting whether detachment or transport is the limiting factor.

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