Exposure of animals to one or more mycotoxins present in their diet may induce acute signs of intoxication. More importantly in daily practice are the consequences of exposure to lower (sub-clinical) levels that affect performance and feed efficiency, resulting in significant economic losses. Undesirable residues of mycotoxins and/or their metabolites have been found in a wide range of food products, but the contribution of residues in animal-derived products to human exposure appears to be very low. The secondary effects of feed contamination with mycotoxins, e.g., reduced immune competence and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, can account for some of the increased use of antimicrobials in animal flocks. The increase of antimicrobial resistance in large animal operations and the related transfer of resistant organisms to humans are of increasing public health concern.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is a matter that people spend their careers learning about and requires volumes of books to explain. My objective is to instruct you how to consume a healthy nutritional diet that aids your body in burning off fat instead of storing it. You do not require overwhelming science to get this.

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