The MycoGlobe project is a Specific Support Action (SSA) of the European Commission (FOOD-CT-2004-007174) that builds on the outcome of a wide range of European research projects in the area of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi by supporting, stimulating and facilitating the participation and cooperation with countries that have signed bilateral scientific and technological cooperation agreements with the EU. In particular, MycoGlobe aims to: i) create a consortium of international experts in the area of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi; ii) identify priorities of common interest by sharing results of the European research with similar major international networks; iii) evaluate research policy in the SSA area through conferences focused on advanced research tools; and iv) improve collaboration in the SSA area by transferring knowledge to developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America and by sharing information with advanced third countries, e.g., the United States and Australia through bilateral workshops and short-term exchanges.

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