The 2004 and 2005 outbreaks of aflatoxicosis are among the largest, in both the size of population affected and the duration, to occur in Kenya and the world. Serious issues need to be addressed quickly if future outbreaks are to be averted. These issues include:

• Continued community education in food storage and increased awareness campaigns through local media and civic education channels.

• Active systematic food safety surveillance in designated and centralized maize marketing points and distribution channels.

• Food security should be viewed not only as the amount of food available, but also should include a measure of the quality of the food that is available.

• Studies of local methods of food storage and preservation with the goal of recommending the most culturally appropriate methods for storing and drying maize.

• Implementation and dissemination of simple pre- and postharvest technologies on a wider scale for the management of aflatoxin contamination in maize.

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