If food or feed originating in the EU or imported from a third country is likely to constitute a serious risk to human health, animal health or the environment, and the risk cannot be controlled by measures taken by the Member State(s) concerned, then the Commission is to adopt immediately by the Committee procedure, either on its own initiative or at the request of a Member State, one or more of the following measures, depending on the gravity of the situation:

• For products of EU origin, suspend the sale and/or use of the product in question, impose special conditions on the marketing of the product in question such as requiring a certificate of compliance based upon the results of sampling and analysis of the product, and adopt any other appropriate interim measure(s).

• For products imported from outside the EU, suspend imports, impose special conditions on the import such as the requirement of certifying the imported goods and adoption of any other appropriate interim measure(s).

In emergencies, the Commission may act unilaterally to provisionally adopt the necessary measures, after consulting the Member State(s) concerned and informing the other Member States. In such cases, the Committee must confirm, amend, revoke or extend the provisional measures within no more than 10 working days. If a Member State officially informs the Commission of the need for emergency measures and the Commission does not act, then the Member State may take interim protective measures. If such actions are taken, then the Member State taking them must immediately inform the other Member States and the Commission. Within 10 working days, the Commission must refer the matter to the Committee for a decision on extending, amending or revoking the national interim protective measures.

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