Opaque beer

90-4,600 jg/l

Lovelace and Nyathi, 1977




Doko et al., 1996

tions will have limited effects in terms of health protection because farmers in most of these countries grow crops only at a subsistence level, i.e., for their own consumption. When crops do enter official marketing channels, there is little enforcement of the existing regulations. Exposure assessment information also is lacking in many African countries. As regulations alone will not offer health protection in many of these countries, there is a need for simple technologies to reduce fungal and mycotoxin contamination of food. Governments in Southern and Eastern Africa also need to be more proactive in protecting their citizens against mycotoxin contaminated foods.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is a matter that people spend their careers learning about and requires volumes of books to explain. My objective is to instruct you how to consume a healthy nutritional diet that aids your body in burning off fat instead of storing it. You do not require overwhelming science to get this.

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