aIssues Issue: 1 - Awareness of the term "mycotoxin"; 2 - Awareness of term "aflatoxin"; 3 - Awareness of what produces mycotoxins; 4 - Correct indication of what produces mycotoxins; 5 - Awareness of effects of aflatoxins on animals; 6 - Correct indication of the effects of aflatoxins on animals; 7 -Awareness of the effects of aflatoxins on humans; 8 - Correct indication of the effects of aflatoxins on humans; 9 - Awareness of aflatoxin accumulation in animal products; 10 - Awareness of aflatoxin contamination of groundnut; 11 - Awareness of aflatoxin contamination of food items; 12 - Attended an aflatoxin workshop(s); 13 - Availability of documents on aflatoxins at workplace; 14 - Formal training on aflatoxins; 15 - Have discussed aflatoxins with colleagues and/or superiors; 16 - Have discussed aflatoxins with subordinates; 17 - A few discolored nuts will not sicken me; 18 - I sort groundnuts before eating them so that I won't be sick; and 19 - Aflatoxin contamination can be minimized. bMean of the means of each of the six professions, i.e., not weighted for the size of the sample for each profession.

correctly indicate its harmful effects on humans (Issue 8, Table 1). With only 44% of the professionals responding positively to the various aflatoxin/mycotoxin-related issues, awareness of the toxins by professionals can at best be described as fair. This result is worrisome as these key personnel, who should lead the effort to disseminate information on aflatoxin in Ghana, are not sufficiently knowledgeable of the subject to be able to provide leadership.

Professionals with higher academic qualifications such as MB.Ch., B./M.D., Ph.D. etc., were significantly more likely to indicate positive knowledge of the world "aflatoxin" than those with lesser academic credentials, with more than 80% of those with a diploma or more training recognizing the word. Of those with only a certificate, the lowest academic

Table 2. Positive responses (%) by agriculturists in Ghana to mycotoxin/aflatoxin issues (2003 survey).


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