Figure 2. (A) Aflatoxin-albumin levels and (B) percentage of individuals with non-detectable aflatoxin-albumin in the intervention and control groups from each of three surveys (Turner et al., 2005a). The three survey points were (1) - at peanut harvest, (2) - 3 months after harvest, and (3) - 5 months after harvest. - - • - - intervention;-■-control.

In summary, slowed growth in West African children occurs with the introduction of solid foods when there is an initial high exposure to aflatoxin. The mechanisms of action are currently unknown although the possibility of a compromised intestinal integrity, through altered barrier function as a consequence of endothelial cell toxicity or immune suppression, is a valid hypothesis that merits further research.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

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