Other mycotoxins in foods in West and Central African countries

In addition to the five groups of mycotoxins already discussed, other mycotoxins have been detected in some foods in some countries in West Africa. These mycotoxins include ste-rigmatocystin, patulin, cyclopiazonic acid, penicillic acid and tenuazonic acid from dried cassava chips in Ghana (Waering et al., 2001). Ten of 49 samples contained sterigmatocys-tin (170-1,700 ng/g); four samples each contained either patulin (550-850 ng/g) or cyclo-piazonic acid (80-720 ng/g); five contained penicillic acid (60-230 ng/g); and three contained tenuazonic acid (20-340 ng/g). In other studies, citrinin was detected in fermented sesame seeds ("ogiri") in Sierra Leone (Jonsyn, 1988) and at levels up to 580 ng/g in 20/20 fermented maize dough samples from Ghana (Kpodo et al., 1996).

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