The "Toxicological safety of food chain" section is responsible for measures related to my-cotoxins in foods and the "Animal nutrition" section is responsible for measures related to mycotoxins in feed.

The Committee is a regulatory committee. The Commission may adopt implementing measures only if they obtain a favorable opinion from the Committee that is given by a qualified majority of the Member States. Failing that, the proposed measure is referred to the Council, which takes a decision by a qualified majority. If the Council fails to reach a decision, then the Commission adopts the implementing measure unless the Council opposes it by a qualified majority. Qualified majority voting is based on the weighted votes of the Member States, with larger countries having more votes than smaller ones: Germany (29), France (29), United Kingdom (29), Italy (29), Spain (27), Poland (27), Romania (14), Netherlands (13), Greece (12), Portugal (12), Belgium (12), Czech Republic (12), Hungary (12), Sweden (10), Austria (10), Bulgaria (10), Denmark (7), Slovakia (7), Finland (7), Ireland (7), Lithuania (7), Latvia (4), Slovenia (4), Estonia (4), Cyprus (4), Luxembourg (4), Malta (3). In the present EU with 27 Member States, a proposed measure requires at least 255 of the 345 possible votes from a majority of the Member States (at least 14 delegations) in favor of the proposed measure, before it can be adopted by the Commission or the Council.

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You Are What You Eat

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