Socioeconomic significance

Mycotoxin contamination is a worldwide problem of special importance in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and South America from which the EU often imports large quantities of food. A key hurdle for exporting food crops to the EU is meeting the EU regulations and standards. Thus, food safety and quality assurance programs are required to improve food production chains for economically important crops.

The MycoGlobe project has a significant impact by combining education and information dissemination programs with a training component that includes information on HACCP and risk analysis thereby enabling a whole food chain approach that eases international trade. The general objective of international cooperation activities under the VIth Framework Program is to open European research to the rest of the world. These activities represent a particular contribution of the Framework Program to this opening-up process. Success of this project will lead to: i) enhanced productivity and export potential of agriculture from tropical Africa and other third world countries in Asia and South America; ii) establishment of a global collaborative network in the field of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi to help limit losses due to mycotoxins; iii) transfer of knowledge to developing countries; iv) more exchange of information between advanced countries; and v) improved coordination of EU food safety policies with those of other countries and international bodies.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

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