Sustainable laboratory supplies

Many African countries lack good quality laboratory supplies, which are essential for reliable analytical results, as these supplies usually are imported and expensive. It costs about US$ 30,000 to purchase a HPLC and an average of US$ 50 to analyze a sample by HPLC or US$ 5 for an ELISA analysis. Another reason for inadequate laboratory supplies is the lack of a planned procurement system. To address this problem, NAFDAC reached an agreement with VWR for sustainable provision of chemicals, media, reagents, glassware and other consumables through bulk purchases on a quarterly basis.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is a matter that people spend their careers learning about and requires volumes of books to explain. My objective is to instruct you how to consume a healthy nutritional diet that aids your body in burning off fat instead of storing it. You do not require overwhelming science to get this.

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