Technical assistance on prevention and control of mycotoxins

The importance assigned to actions in this area is growing with the perceived need of anticipating outbreaks and extracting as much information as possible from the, fortunately, scarce fatal outbreaks for which mycotoxins are responsible. The recent Kenyan aflatoxicosis offered an opportunity, to gather information on the past, present and future consequences of an outbreak of acute mycotoxicosis. The major areas of FAO action in technical assistance are: (i) provision of policy advice, awareness creation and knowledge/experience sharing/transfer, institutional strengthening, (ii) field projects to assist members in developing country-specific practical recommendations and national action plans, (iii) organization of international and regional conferences and expert meetings, (iv) training activities and (v) preparation and publication of training materials and tools for information exchange and capacity building. All of these types of assistance have resulted in concrete results such as rapid and cost efficient laboratory methods, accreditation of laboratories, rapid alert systems, implementation of specific GAP-HACCP plans, improved institutional set up and infrastructure, development of national action plans, contamination monitoring programs, regional and national workshops, and publications.

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