Development of Compost

The development of compost has been delineated into four stages viz. (a) Latent; (b) Growth; (c) Thermophilic; and (d) Maturation phases (Saludes et al., 2008; Abouelwafa et al., 2008; Sanchez-Arias et al., 2008; Raut et al., 2008; Yu et al., 2008; Cayuela et al., 2008; Alfano et al., 2008). The latent phase is associated with the acclimatisation of the microorganisms in the waste. During the growth phase, microbial population and the temperature of the digesting mass rise rapidly. This stage is mostly associated with the activity of mesophilic microorganisms. In the thermophilic phase the temperature rises to peak level, often in excess of 60oC and rapid stabilisation of waste takes place. Pathogen destruction is highest at this stage, depending on the peak temperature and its duration (Turner 2002; Nakasaki et al., 1985a,b). The maturation phase is associated with a drop in temperature to mesophilic and then ambient levels. Nitrification and humification reactions are extensive at this stage (Metcalf and Eddy, 1991).

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