1 For additional information, see CRS Report RL33325, Livestock Marketing and Competition Issues, by Geoffrey S. Becker. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, "Manure Nutrients Relative to the Capacity of Cropland and Pastureland to Assimilate Nutrients: Spatial and Temporal Trends for the United States," Publication no. nps00-579, December 2000, p. 85.

3 For additional information, see CRS Report RL32948, Air Quality Issues and Animal

Agriculture: A Primer, by Claudia Copeland.

4 For additional information on Superfund and EPCRA, see CRS Report RL30798,

Environmental Laws: Summaries of Statutes Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, coordinated by Susan Fletcher, and CRS Report RL33426, Superfund: Overview and Selected Issues, by Jonathan Ramseur and Mark Reisch. Unlike the citizen suit cases discussed above, these lawsuits do not address what is a "facility," for purposes of determining whether a release has occurred. EPA also is not a party in any of these cases.

6 In 1998, EPA granted an administrative exemption from release reporting requirements for certain radionuclide releases. EPA cited authority in CERCLA sections 102(a), 103, and 115 for granting administrative reporting exemptions where "releases of hazardous substances that pose little or no risk or to which a Federal response is infeasible or inappropriate." See 63 Federal Register 13461 (March 19, 1998).

7 National Association of Clean Air Agencies, letter to the Honorable Barbara Boxer, chairman, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, March 20, 2007.

8 Senator Blanche L. Lincoln et al., letter to Michael Leavitt, EPA Administrator, March 12,

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