Foreword by Stan Schuman v

Preface vii

Contributors xiii

1 The Agricultural Environment 1

William M. Simpson, Jr.

2 Food Safety and Agricultural Medicine 9

Robert Bhavesh J. Pandya

3 Overview of Hazards for Those Working in Agriculture 29

Scott Prince

4 Occupational Regulation 35

John E. Furman

5 Education and Training as Intervention Strategies 42

William E. Field and Roger L. Tormoehlen

6 Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Engineering of Machinery 53

Mark A. Purschwitz

7 Disability in Agriculture 70

William E. Field and Paul Jones

8 Physical Monitoring 81

James M. Daniels

9 Biological Monitoring 88

James B. Becker and James E. Lessenger

10 Drug Programs and Testing 98

James E. Lessenger

11 Work Site Visits 113

Victor Duraj

Children in Agriculture 118

Lorann Stallones and Huiyun Xiang

Chemical Exposure: An Overview 131

James E. Lessenger

Fertilizers and Nutrients 144

Hitoshi Nakaishi and James E. Lessenger

Plant Growth Regulators 156

Louise Ferguson and James E. Lessenger

Pesticides 167

William M. Simpson, Jr.

Neurological Injuries in Agriculture 180

Nikita B. Katz, Olga Katz, and Steven Mandel

Dermatological Conditions 207

James E. Lessenger

Agricultural Respiratory Diseases 233

Robert Bhavesh J. Pandya

Renal and Hepatic Disease 260

Michael Nasterlack and Andreas Zober

Disease and Injury Among Veterinarians 269

James E. Lessenger

The Mental Health of Agricultural Workers 282

Joseph D. Hovey and Laura D. Seligman

Neurotoxicity of Chemicals Commonly Used in Agriculture 300

Nikita B. Katz, Olga Katz, and Steven Mandel

Repetitive Motion Injuries 324

Steven R. Kirkhorn and Guilia Earle-Richardson

Trauma in the Agricultural Setting 339

Gideon Letz and James E. Lessenger

Diseases from Plants 349

Capri-Mara Fillmore and Bruce J. Lanser

27 Diseases from Animals, Poultry, and Fish 367

James E. Lessenger

28 Diseases from Soil 383

Royce H. Johnson, Augustine D. Muñoz, and Alan Scott Ragland

29 Emerging Zoonotic Agents of Concern in Agriculture 393

Ricky Lee Langley and Carl John Williams

30 Arthropod Bites and Stings 417

Mitchell S. Wachtel and Danny B. Pence

31 Mammal Bites 430

Antonio Durazo and James E. Lessenger

32 Reptile Bites 440

A. Nelson Avery

33 Heat, Cold, and Water Immersion Injuries 459

Karl Auerbach

34 Injuries from Electromagnetic Energy 477

Stephen A. McCurdy

35 Acoustic Injuries in Agriculture 484

James E. Lankford and Deanna K. Meinke

36 Reproductive Hazards 492

Robert L. Goldberg and Sarah Janssen


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