The following hygiene guidelines have been suggested:

1. Provision of effective, nonirritating, nonallergenic skin cleansers

2. Use of emollients, hand lotions, and creams after hand washing

3. Frequent clothing changes, when possible

4. Daily showering

5. Rapid removal of oil and chemical soaked clothing

6. Use of company laundering facilities or separate laundering facilities in the house

7. Prohibition of eating, drinking, or smoking in the work area

Hand cleansing with organic solvents such as mineral oils or paint thinners, or the hand cleaners that contain them, should be discouraged. The repeated use of organic solvents can desiccate the skin of the hands and cause a chronic irritant dermatitis. When using soap and water to clean the hands, care must be taken to remove as much grease and oil as possible from the creases and pores. Small pieces of metal or organic material left in the creases can cause a foreign-body reaction and lead to chronic irritant dermatitis (11,13).

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